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What if you never had to pay a sexual misconduct claim again?
What if you could avoid costly investigations and OCR audit expenses?
What if you never had to hire a pricey law firm to defend you on these cases?
What if students were more satisfied with the outcomes of their cases?

What if you never had to pay a sexual misconduct claim again?

It is clear from recent press accounts that higher education is at a crisis point with sexual misconduct cases.  Administrators report that they are drowning in caseloads.  Students and alumni continue to express dissatisfaction in a variety of ways.  The hearing process is under attack from those who think that campus panels are poorly trained and simply not up to the task of addressing sexual misconduct. The issue of campus sexual misconduct appears to have become a pressure cooker that is about to explode.  More and more campuses have realized that what they are doing isn’t working and they are turning to the NCHERM Group for help.

In response, the NCHERM Group recently announced its new Resolution Services, allowing campuses to put difficult sexual misconduct cases into the hands of objective, trained and respected experts.  NCHERM Group President, Brett A. Sokolow, Esq., stated that he is confident in the ability of his team to resolve the toughest cases, and he’s willing to indemnify those campuses that entrust their sexual misconduct complaints to his firm. He cited additional benefits, as well:

  • Reduce staff and time allocated to sexual misconduct grievances
  • Eliminate investigator, hearing panel and appeals training costs
  • Minimize bad campus PR, media circuses and alumni backlash
  • Free up campus resources for prevention, training and education

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What if you could avoid costly investigations and OCR audit expenses?

NCHERM Resolution Services offers an annual, flat-fee contract to provide campuses with investigations, hearings and appeals for campus sexual misconduct grievances.  It can be used for sexual misconduct complaints, but also can be used to resolve allegations of sexual harassment, stalking, dating and domestic violence, and all other forms of sex or gender discrimination covered by Title IX and the Campus SaVE Act (VAWA §304).

NCHERM Resolution Services guarantees to have investigators on a campus within 48 hours of a request, and to keep personnel in place until the investigation and resolution are complete.  In an environment where colleges and universities are under fire for not getting these resolutions right, and where cases are only becoming more complex and challenging, administrators are getting bogged down by the political, legal and emotional battles that ensue. As a result, campuses are facing the opportunity cost of every minute spent on these cases. Campus Presidents are seeking alternative options.  NCHERM Resolution Services asserts that it will take this burden off campuses’ shoulders, with a professional, independent resolution that is cost-effective and time-saving. Campuses can be assured that NCHERM Resolution Services will get it just right or pay to litigate it and cover any losses experienced.

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What if you never had to hire a pricey law firm to defend you on these cases?

For more than fifteen years, campuses have trusted The NCHERM Group consultants to train their Title IX staff.  They have called on The NCHERM Group experts to assess compliance.  The NCHERM Group team members are on speed dial for campus hearings and appeals. Now, they have taken it a step further so that campus professionals can have the peace of mind of turning the resolution process over entirely, and knowing it will be done right.

For an additional 10% fee on top of your annual contract cost, you can secure us for OCR Audit Assistance.  If the policies and procedures we utilize, or any of the grievances we resolve are subject to a complaint to OCR, we will provide you with support, assistance and defense throughout the course of the OCR investigation.

Your contract can cover six levels of service:

  • BRONZE:  All sexual violence grievances for all students
  • SILVER:  All Title IX-covered behaviors for all students, including stalking, relationship violence, sexual harassment, etc.
  • GOLD:  All discrimination complaints for all students (race, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, Veteran status, etc.)
  • BRONZE PLUS:  All sexual violence for all employees
  • SILVER PLUS:  All Title IX-covered behaviors for all employees
  • GOLD PLUS:  All discrimination grievances for all employees

Annual contracts can start as low as $60,000, but range to $500,000 and more, depending on case load and the level of service desired.  We can even cover an investigation requiring dozens of investigators, should you ever have that need.  For a custom price quote, and for all the details about the NCHERM Resolution Services annual contract, please contact Kate Halligan, Vice President of Client Relations or call 610-579-3725.

What if students were more satisfied with the outcomes of their cases?

An annual flat-fee allows a campus unlimited resolutions or campuses can contract for a specific number of resolutions.  Once a campus engages NCHERM Resolution Services, it has access to a team of the country’s best-trained, most experienced civil rights investigators and hearing officers, on demand. All appeals are heard by one or more of The NCHERM Group Partners, including Brett A. Sokolow, Daniel C. Swinton, Saundra K. Schuster and W. Scott Lewis. In that way, campuses are assured that each case is personally overseen by one of the foremost Title IX experts in the country. Campuses are finding NCHERM Resolution Services to be exactly the right solution for the challenges they are facing.

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